Resistance Bands Accessories Kit

PLUS FIT Accessories Kit includes a pair of handles, 2 door anchors and a Nylon Carry-Bag. Ideal to attach resistance bands and to turn any door into your own gym.

Resistance Bands Accessories Kit 

  • 2 x Door Anchor for Resistance Bands
  • 1 x Resistance band handles
  • 1 x Nylon carry-bag


PLUS FIT Accessories resistance band door anchors allow you to turn a door into your own gym as easily as opening and closing a door. It can be placed on top, on the side or at the bottom of the door. Various exercises with resistance bands or TRX Suspension Trainer such as chest press, squats, curls, lat pull downs and hamstring raises can be performed.

The resistance band anchor fits securely in the jamb side of any standard door frame – just open the door, stick them in, and shut it. The sturdy steel carabiner allow for quick attachment of a variety of resistance bands, ropes and similar equipment. Work out with confidence knowing that your resistance bands are held securely thanks to our unique neoprene rubber stopper, which spreads the weight over a larger surface area and adds stability to your movements.

Resistance Bands Compatibility: Red, Black, Purple, Yellow & Green.

IMPORTANT: Place the large neoprene stopper piece inside the door and position it so that when you close the door it is on the opposite side of the door (the steel carabiner should be on your side of the door). The door should be closing towards you. If it is not possible to do so, we recommend to lock the door to avoid having it open while exercising.


Length: 33 cm
Stopper: 4 cm
Material: Nylon & Neoprene
Carabiner: Steel
Max Weight 200 Kg


Made of strong ABS plastic as a base, woven nylon webbing and a solid stainless steel O ring for the resistance band to lock onto, our resistance band handles are built to last. The handles are covered with neoprene to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip.

Attach one or 2 handles to a resistance band and bring your workout to another level.

Resistance Bands Compatibility: RedBlack & Purple.


Quantity: 2 handles
Length: 14 cm
Width: 4 cm
Material: ABS, nylon & neoprene
Ring: Stainless steel
Max Weight 150 kg (per handle)


  • Nylon carry-bag perfect to keep your favorite accessories organized.
  • Double cord drawstring pulls nylon bag tight for a snug, sure closure.
  • Size: 34 cm x 24 cm (measured when the bag is lying flat)
  • Color: Black